Call In
Mine is Enough
Better Off (Philippe)
Out of it (Charlie)
No Fix
Quiet (Candy Cane)
A Taste of You
Release (Iom)
What a Shame
Nananananana (Iom)
Down the Sold Road (Alban)
♫ Rehearsal for a Striptease (Telex)
♫ Lullaby
Out of the Flow (Candy Cane)
Cheap Shots
Merry-Go-Round (Telex)
All Insane (Alban)
For a Sucker's Smile
Apology (Telex)
Hush Please in the Morning
Idle Reflection
Caught out Ironing
Even for a Prince
Pleasantly Lost (Telex)
So Long Honey (Telex)
Graciouly Mouthed
Last Forever (Candy Cane)
Middle Way
Now and Then (J)
So One Says
Sit Still (Freddy)
I'm On Mars (Iom)
You don't Suit Me (Richard Kapp)
Split Heart (Freddy)
Take a Breather
Mean Child
What if I mind
Too Late (Iom)
My Anything
50 Rock (Iom)
♫ Dance Floor Addict (Iom)
I Wish I
Sell Your Soul (Tounga Darwa System)
At a Loss (Telex)
Un Instant (Tinylite)
Sun Drops on the Ocean (Torsion)
Again & Again (Jérémie)
Last Be Mine
The Dying Generation (Iom)
If You Wanna Leave Me (Iom)
Another Middle Way
Don't Get It (Iom)
Ballad Around a Navel
A Honeymoon in Amsterdam (Iom)